slow sshd-telnet server to request password

Im used to see some ssh server slow to request a password, this is a simple problem caused by DNS names.

The ssh/telnet server will try client ip address into name using DNS reverse configuration (even that you are using IP to connect) , you can disable this option editting /etc/ssh/sshd_config and changing UseDNS to NO.

if you dont want disable dns check option you need check your  config on /etc/resolv.conf in the server , its a good idea verify if your DNS server have a reverse DNS configuration, if not is good to be implemented.

Other option can be putting workstations name into /etc/hosts of the server ,that is a XNX solution, but works well in small network until one of this computer change ip address(if that ip address changed isnt into /etc/hosts  login turns be slow again).